“Vintage Grinch”
“Vintage Grinch”
“Vintage Grinch”
“Vintage Grinch”

“Vintage Grinch”

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Signature Talented logo embroidered on the front of the Cap.

"HOW TALENTED STOLE THE HAT GAME  " logo Patchwork on the left side.

Embroidered "Talented is God Given”on the right.

Excellent Quality 9Forty Fit Cap 

Beige 100 % Melton Material Cap

Smooth Neon Green Suede Under Brim



Why choose us?

Here at Talented we offer elite quality caps with truly exclusive styles. Our caps are handmade and feature the best embroidery work in its class. Our team strives to all our customers with top level customer service, we hope you enjoy your journey with us.

Our caps feature suede under the brims of each hat and sick patches 🔥